CEO Message

23 January 2014

Stephen E. Tate

Greetings Everyone,

Please note that a significantly important component of the payroll and invoicing process consists of retrieving accurate reports captured from the e-Time System. Hence, required Data-pulls (reports) from each contractor's system will occur at COB (Close of Business) the first day after the pay period ends (i.e. 16th of the Month or the 1st of the Month). These reports are compared for accuracy and then used to process payroll and associated invoices, which have a very short turn-around time in some instances 2 business days.

The Accounting Team's capture of payroll data and the subsequent transmission of invoices to our primes/customers on numerous occasions have resulted in rejected invoices because of changes to our payroll data after the fact by our people. We have confirmed that a number of the BCT and Teammate employees have been accessing E-Time and/or Prime Systems and changing or updating time worked after the initial payroll reports were processed. We were not notified of these changes; and this has subsequently resulted in very costly rework efforts. The current practice is unacceptable to DCAA, the Customer, and BCT. At the risk of beating a dead horse---adjustments after the books are closed does not follow our approved Timekeeping Policy which we all signed when processed in through the HR Department.

Please Remember:

  • All Time MUST be entered into all systems each day and must be up-to-date at all times. Each employee is required to make sure that any timesheets completed for the Prime and your e-Time timesheet match exactly.
  • If you have to make any changes to your timesheet for any reason on ANY of the systems after the end of the pay period, please contact HR (Cheryl Ludy) before you make any changes. You may contact Cheryl via email and then by phone. Cheryl must be notified so that new reports can be run and the necessary changes made immediately.
  • Your support will help to ensure that we have an accurate accounting of your hours for payroll and that we can bill the customer correctly, without time delays or extensive changes to the accounting systems.

Feel free to call Cheryl Ludy, HR Specialist if you have any questions or concerns, 301-498-3647, .

Thank you in advance.

Stephen E. Tate