CEO's Message

1 May 2012

Stephen E. Tate

Greetings BCT Team,

We need your help to correct a situation that requires every one of You and our 'back-office' Team to perform significant rework, which is very costly. We are experiencing a significant number of mistakes while processing your time cards. This situation involves both the BCT e-Time system and our Prime Contractor's time card and accounting systems. The reconciliation for one change takes about 45 minutes, to research, revise, and update all of the associated accounting support systems. This translates into an estimated $75 of cost per change.

We need each and every one of you to pay special attention to your time entries in both the BCT e-Time System and our Prime Contractor's time keeping systems. Please note the following rules we are under as a contractor in good standing with the Government, DCAA, and our Prime Contractors.

  • Time/Attendance must be updated on "ALL Systems DAILY," Signed and Approved Weekly.
  • BCT and Prime Contractor e-Time System entries must be identical.
  • All labor categories on time cards must contain an entry and post a "0" for all days of the week (including Saturdays & Sundays).

Any information entered incorrectly will result in a rejected time card and you will be required to update that time correctly prior to acceptance. We are required by regulation and law to confirm the total time entered in BCT's e-Time system and it must mirror our prime contractor's time card prior to invoicing.

Our back office staff works hard to make sure this data is complete and compliant with the standards of the DCAA, our contracts, and our Prime contractors. Please do not make us use our limited back office resources to track you down every period for this information and corrections. The timelier you are with this information to the back office, the more time the back office has to support our contracts and the mission.

Please note that we are not referring to changes to past and present time sheets due to task order changes from our customers that our beyond our control.

Thank you for your continued cooperation with time keeping process, should you have any questions please feel free to contact Cheryl or Wayne anytime, they are almost always here.

Thank You,