CEO's Message

12 September 2011

Stephen E. Tate

All Our BCT LLC Employees

BCT LLC is proud to unveil our new employee timesheet system - BCT LLC e-Time System (e-Time). This new system will allow you to enter your daily hours online and will replace our hard copy timesheets. Once this system has been rolled out and tested, you will no longer need to email timesheets or send in original signed copies.

The anticipated rollout date will be September 15, 2011. For the first pay period ending August 31, 2011, please begin entering your time into the new system. We ask that you also continue to create the hard copy timesheets for this pay period so we can make sure there are no bugs and that the e-Time system is working properly.

The link to the new system can be found on the BCT Service Portal. Your login and password are the same as the one you use to log into the BCT email account. Please make time to login prior to the rollout date to make sure you have access. This will alleviate any potential issues when the system goes live.

Instructions for use of the e-Time system will follow as the date draws closer. Please feel free to call or email Cheryl Ludy (Time Keeper), Cindy Lucas (Your BCT login/pass word issues) or Wayne Johnson (Charge Number issues) if you need help or have questions.


Stephen Tate